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You can be a “Barbie” and have a great personality… You can be Cara Delevingne!

by Carmela Trabacco
Britain Super model and actress. The young English by the long legs and blond-haired now loved by all. Who will the beautiful girl by the name that resonates more in the fashion world? This is the girl coming from an important family that with grit drew the spotlight’s attention.

It’s she, Cara Delevingne. The Barbie with thousand careers that according to her fans, well as the famous singer Pharrell Williams, has a winning card: her spirit. If she wearing the famous Burberry trench coat or one of those extremely elegant total look by Chanel may seem like one of those girls very elegant, it is not so! Her elegance is manifested on her face seemingly sweet but very aggressive, which hides a lot of personality. She is not afraid. She is not afraid of the people’s judgment. She has fun in the same way as girls of her age do. She loves to explore every possibility. Just like in the last advertising campaign with Kate Moss for Burberry team that she considers a real family. In fashion as in everyday life is not only important to have beauty. To that you can get everyone in one way or another. It isn’t easy  to know why a model can have so much success. The reason why all want and desire this character. Well, because she has personality. Because she’s fun, irreverent, in her funny expressions and in her disguises; because her body is different from that of the “most beautiful women” from catwalk, extremely high and unreachable.Even with a life very different from ours, Cara is one of us: she has fun, she gives us  fun and she loves to surprise us with a lot of looks, sometimes just to cause a laugh. Cara is one of us also in love as she defines herself a real landslide! The beautiful star confessed: “When I go out with the guys I feel like I’m their mother. I do not trust them. This is the problem. A pretty young boy hits me, sure, but he’s not my kind. “And how can she be wrong!

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