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Triumph, leader of lingerie for over 130 years, continues its evolution

by Emanuela Cinti
, International Leading Manufacturing Company, launches new 2017 Autumn-Winter  Global Campaign “Find one for every you”. The resounding success achieved with the previous 2017 spring-summer collection continues and sees again collaboration with international model Jessica Hart and fashionist legend Rankin.
Jessica Hart The goal of the brand is to make its women feel safe and comfortable, each one having the chance to discover himself and to express the personality that belongs to them. The collection offers sought-after and sought-after styles, from the Amourette Charm brand to the shapewear Airy Sensation to the sporty wear of Triaction, each headband focuses on a modern woman looking for quality and innovation.

Thanks to the experience of over 130 years, Triumph knows the different needs each woman possesses and for this reason is able to satisfy her at 100%. It is able to make each of them feel the best, no matter what they do or who they are, making them sexy and elegant.

The set goal is achieved and as Rankin says, “Every woman must be proud to wear lingerie and feel free to express herself” and Triumph is the brand that makes it possible.

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