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Four women telling a brand – Intropia Fall Winter 2017 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
The profession of those who have to communicate, telling, is not quite simple. Talking through images, through words or simply with a gesture may seem natural, but we will never be 100% sure that our interlocutor has fully understood the message we wanted to send him. Even fashion-makers are communicators who instead of using words or gestures relies on creating clothes to convey inspiration and ideas to the audience of clients and enthusiasts who look forward to the latest collection.

But in a time regulated by money often this communication becomes scarce and discounted in favor of a sales-friendly apathy. The fashion world is constantly growing, every day new brands are born and everyone has something to sell and just a fe people think about how to sell it telling a true story and not simply promoting it. Today, I want to talk to you about the beautiful Intropia campaign. The brand has decided to entrust the promotion of the new Autumn Winter 2017 collection to four-modeland their story on its e-shop.

Intropia Autunno Inverno 2017/18 Tatiana . Storie di donne e femminilità
Inés Ybarra, Hoyo Sea, Lucia Millet and Tatiana Bello have been immortalized in genuine and natural photos wearing the Intropia garments who most represent them in their daily lives of women and models. Inès chose a complete pajamas style with trousers and tricot jersey to be comfortable, comfortable, but still sought after during his work of photographer, artistic director, and videomaker.

Mar is divided between her actress’s profession and her ceramic jewelry store where she runs full days creating gorgeous creations. During the winter the tricot cardigan with embroidered flowers is its passepartout. Between a book of art’s history, a photograph, a poem and her beloved flowers, Lucia admits a special evening in Madrid wearing the velvet dress with embroidered stars.

Professional model and passionate skater Tatiana likes to listen to music and her work that allows her to visit new places and photograph them. Comfortable and stylish clothes are a must for her who has chosen the rose coordinate. You can buy the collection at selected stores and at www.intropia.com.

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