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Shenzhen: the future of fashion

by Linda Chirieleison
At the close of the MFW, the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, was the protagonist of a great event, the presentation of a project to promote eco-sustainable development and youth creativity.

The project will give the opportunity to 14 young designers to take off at the Shenzhen walkway in front of the highest Star Chinese, all made with ecological fabrics in support of the eco-sustainability of the planet. China’s most important fashion association, Shanzhen works with great numbers, including 1,200 brands, 3,800 companies and has 350,000 workers in it. 

The purpose of the event is to enhance the talents but also the excellence in style, on the catwalk there are four symbol brands in Shenzhen: Ellassay representing the classic style, Pargay pointing to streetstyle, Xiehaiping instead offers a refined collection and elegant, finally the debutant Ming Yuehe dresses with a very precious collection, handmade dresses and embroidery that follow the ancient Chinese tradition.
Francesco Fiordelli, Paolo Panerai, Shen Yongfang, Su Pauline
Inside Palazzo Clerici in Milan is also inaugurated a collective catwall and a show-install-show. But Shenzhen’s novelties continous, the Association is directly interested in building a fashion city, a fashion valley, at Longhua Dalang in China, the area will host 150 brands and will occupy 8,000 billion of land, a huge space for fashion lovers who can choose from the many proposals offered.

Shenzhen is surprised again and does not stop here, within this space will be built a multifunctional hub for fashion and design, to give the many students interested in the industry to form and specialize at the highest level.

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