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The enchanted garden of Racine Carrèe for the Spring Summer 2018

by Cristina Rizza – photo by Giuseppe Spena
Hortensia, jasmine, gerbera and bougainvillea, an enchanted garden where Viviana Vignola, designer of the Racine Carèe brand carries us for the presentation of the Spring Summer 2018 collection.

Gipsy in Capri: this is the name of a shoe collection designed to combine the glamor with high tailoring, elegance and comfort. The designer has grown up between the fabrics and the skins of the family tanner, so he selects the materials of every collection with great dedication.

Protagonists of the next summer for Recine Carrèe will be fringes, laces, mules, stripes and colorful prints. From the ultra-flat to the stiletto, passing through the middle heel will only be embarrassing to the choice: you start with lurex sabot, blue and silver or purple leather enriched by a large round buckle, the ballerinas are rigidly fastened to the ankle, pointed and fringed on the neckline, with colored prints or white and blue or red stripes.

Then go to the wide heel, what we could call “comfy fashion”: chenel decolleté and ankle straps, for a pair of shoes that can be worn for half day at midnight.
After the sunset, the heels rise and thin, with the classic satin decolleté, personalized with the brand logo, the designer’s double V that recalls a square root. Erica and Kalliste are the names of the most classic evening shoes, paint or leather, sandals or closures.

Jackie and Jane are instead the heel version of the flats shoes, always colorful and enriched with fringes and laces, must have the mules collection with an umbrella neckline.
Racine Carrèe
Viviana Vignola, designer of the Racine Carèe brand

A capsule collection Racine Carrée went out in the royal court of via Palestro between the tulle dresses and the volants of Luisa Beccaria, who chose Viviana Vignoli to make the line of shoes for her Summer 2018 summer dress collection.

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