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From El Dorado to Amazzonia with Spring Summer 2018 collection Piccione.Piccione

by Cristina Rizza . photo by Giorgio Cavestro
A journey that starts from Sicily, the native land of the designer of Piccione.Piccione and arrives to Brazil to find the atmosphere that inspired her Spring Summer 2018.

The woman of Salvatore Piccione comes from the mystical El Dorado, bringing with it the light and the magic of an unforgettable land of dreams.
The theme of the stylist is nature, starting with light, with a succession of white dresses in lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, georgette of silk, tulle, organza and taffeta. The lines perfectly design the silhouette with banging but never rigid suits, long, soft skirts, heart-shaped necklaces and sleeves on sleeves, dresses and neckties.

From the white ethereal it is then passed a colorful printed graphics depicting the flora and fauna of the Amazon lands. The palette also resembles the colors of the Brazilian lands: yellow, green, orange and red, embellished with precious embroidery, sequins and lurex wires. Long and silk or midi skirts, sleeves and sleeves a puff backs us back in time and then embroidered collars, golden sandals and multicolor handbags. The grand finale then comes with the organza maxi dress covered with flowers applied in 3d, coupled with a golden sequin lining. A mix of historical and contemporary inspirations, traditionalist and modern, that make the collection of Salvatore Piccione once again.

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