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The imperfect circle by Manuel Facchini – Spring Summer 2018 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
Fashion is an unlikely invention brought to reality and in its being a usable and wearable art resides its beauty. Remembering to make sense of your art should not be a post-it reminder thing but the essence before the craft of the designer. “The Other Si(d)ze of the circle” is the new Manuel Facchini collection for the Spring Summer 2018 presented during the last Milan Fashion Week.

Inspired by the almost surreal softness of the circle’s geometry, the designer has dived his genius into a composition of experimental and genderless dresses. From cuts to decorations, the circle is replicated everywhere, silks and viscous are laser cutted and overlapped with concentric shapes. Dresses that are made up of exaggerated elements but with a cosmic softness lost among planets with the classic spherical shape that challenge the power of the stars.
Manuel Facchini Spring Summer 2018 Women's CollectionOversized outerwear, bulky sleeves and contrasts between bright and opaque. Dresses with a female line with unexpected details and take inspiration from the streetwear transforming it into gran soirèe. The mood is bold and casual with a strong stylistic component and remarkable attention to the trends with an eccentric touch. The sweatshirts are in silk and the transparencies are applied on fluid pants. The basic palette is white, black and red to give space to cuts and details such as silk maxi plissè and contrasts.




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