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The backstage of Atsushi Nakashima

by Marta Scalise photo by Giuseppe Spena
If during the show glamour and perfection reign, what happens before is another history. The backstage is a parallel universe. As Atsushi Nakashima regards the universe has worked thanks to the show producer Alexander Marzani, to the stylist Kosei Matsuda.Atsushi Nakashima backstage (Photo by Giuseppe Spena)As it regards the make up, simple and natural effect with a touch of rose on the lips the organization is in the hands of Mizu, for the hair always from the natural style, smooth or with simple hair styles typically years ninety the hair stylist is Ryvoji Imaizumi.

To complete the show the stylist invites Arisa, she sings in the special show music. Arisa is a multi talented, it makes her career. She is an Italian singer, actress, writer and TV personality. In February 2014, Arisa returned to the Sanremo Music Festival 2014. She presented “Controvento” and won the competition.

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