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The sumptuously modern woman of Simonetta Ravizza for Spring Summer 2018

by Cristina Rizza
Glamorous without ostentation, sophisticated but sophisticated, attentive to trends but from a simple and natural mood. These are the characteristics of the woman that Simonetta Ravizza brings on the catwalk for the Spring Summer 2018.

“I love a sophisticated yet natural allure, contemporary but with a timeless quality; refinement must blend with modernity, with a dynamic and optimistic spirit. A touch of glamor makes life more effervescent, but sensuality must express itself naturally; luxury does not have to be ostentatious, but lived as an appreciation for beauty, sheltered from shady showcases. “In this way the designer describes the woman she wants to tell, an inspiration that collects all the features in Fançois Hardy singer (formerly Bob Dylan’s music). A simple, ethereal beauty with sweet features, but it only transmits all its style by a photographic shot.

The glamorous and casual elements for this collection include leather bikers, inlaid mink bombers and over-sized waistcoats, cleverly mixed with mini or midi skirts from a tapered line. Long suede suits or inlay inlaid with soft trousers depict elegance without display.Simonetta Ravizza Spring Summer 2018 women's CollectionContinue the casual-chic itinerary, the white denim, washed black and the jacket trucker embellished with wrists decorated with swarovski crystals and mink borders. Fur coat is a key in the wardrobe of a fashion addicted, Simonetta Ravizza also reinterprets it for summer with access colors and prints of ibiscus; tropical mood does not seem to want to leave the warm seasons, tropical flowers appear on all the garments: tights, bags, jackets, but also bomber and fabric trousers.

Chromatic palette and materials of this collection are blue, turquoise, fuchsia, pink, red, white, black and chocolate, well selected in different materials, in addition to the mock fur Ravizza chooses the skin, optical or animalier.

The Furissima handbag is the brand’s  hit accessory, with minimal design, in fact remembers a simple shopping bag, but interpreted in a cool cool key in multicolored silk; next summer we will want it in all the colors of the collection, with checkered prints, ibiscus, striped, animal or with glittering details.

A “sumptuously modern” woman, that of Simonetta Ravizza for next summer, who loves to play with fashion through fabrics, prints, colors and cuts, always delivering a sophisticated and modern allure.

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