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Personal Size: new curvy colors Fall Winter 2017/18

by Ilaria Covello
Tights are an indispensable item in the women’s wardrobe. Whether it’s spring, autumn or winter, the choice of stockings remains very important, as it helps to make our look more delicious. They must dress like a second skin, so never force yourself in a pair that goes too tight or in a pair that goes too large.

Today, I want to talk with you about Personal Size, an Italian brand whose collection is full of curvy products that are going to enhance the natural forms of women. In addition to being soft and durable, the Personal Size items enhance and shape the curves without tightening and compressing, providing high comfort and high wearability.Collant curvy Personal SizeAmong the new colors of the season we have blue night, military green, aubergine purple, gray smoke, and moka brown. Intense and cool colors for a 50 denim pantyhose, whose coat is uniform and delicate. It is these shades that allow them to be used for the most disparate looks.

To tell the truth, the ultra-black pair is a must, they have been proposed on a footbridge by Chanel this season, combined, in contrast, with all white dresses, lace. But it’s just as true that in the fashion world you have to dare, play with colors, textures, and lengths, because fashion is a business card. So combining military green stockings to a black day dress, completing the look with boots and a maxi bag, will give you more gear.Personal Size tights are not available in shops,you can  found only on personalsize.it. In addition, all new members who choose Beauty 50 tights are given a 35% discount on the first purchase.
You just have to try them!

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