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Hy guys, this is the Chiara Ferragni Spring Summer 2018 collection

by Carmela Trabacco . photo by Giuseppe Spena
Chiara Ferragni and her Instagram Stories. A must have, every day. “Hi guys, this is my look”, this is one of the most popular phrase of the fashion blogger. The new Spring Summer 2018 collection is focused on another topic emphasized on social networks, the “Chiara’s suite”. Valentina and Freancesca Ferragni (Photo by Giuseppe Spena)Valentina and Francesca Ferragni
From Milan to Los Angeles where actors launched the suite life.

Decorations on the iconic brand pieces, such as slip-ons and ballet dancers, evoke palm trees and boulevards of crystals and embroidery. Cocktails Martini and expressions like “Kiss me in My Suite” decorate sabot and heels. The same embroidery is also found on clothing and accessories such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, bathing suits and silk pajamas. The colors of the collection are primarily primary as black, white and red.Marina Di Guardo (Photo by Giuseppe Spena)Marina Di Guardo
There are surprises and Chiara Ferragni also launches a mini-capsule!  The first collection See Now – Buy Now is made up of iconic pieces of the Italian brand, enriched by embroidery and crystals. The capsules include low sabot and heel, boots and bombers, but also backpacks and down jackets. A continuous brand challenge that never ceases to astonish and is claiming to be one of the most controversial fashion brands in the world! And now are you curious about discovering the “suite life” of Chiara Ferragni next trip? alt=”tag-altChiara Ferragni

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