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The Eleventy sophisticated woman for the Spring Summer 2018 collection

by Carmela Trabacco
What the Eleventy Spring Summer 2018 collection recounts? A sophisticated woman who has a strong passion for the fabrics. From fully bi-stretch embrace to lightweight bustretch fabrics combined with super soft sweatshirts with inserts and transparency wools coupled with ultra-soft fleeces, the Eleventy trail for the next season will make sophisticated even more sporty look.

But the absolute collection protagonist is the flax represented by several models with fluid fit: yarn jackets, patterned blouses in new styles, dresses and knitwear offering new wearability, all giving this natural fiber a fresh, modern look.Eleventy Spring summer 2018 women's Collection (Photo by Giuseppe Spena)
There are magnific surprises! The brand includes in the collection knitwear made from special 2/60.000 pure cashmere yarn that confer to the knitwear lightweight and softness. Special aerograph hand-dyeing ensures unique colors for every garment. To make the look more fashion Eleventy has also thought about accessories such as shoes, bags and belts in various shades. From canvas to crocodile, from leather to colorful persic. And what do you expect to choose your look?


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