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The spring of Tara Jarmon

by Linda Chirieleison
There are flowers on the Tara Jarmon Spring Summer 2018 collection, on the catwalk pink flowers descend from the ceiling for a triumph of romance and nature.

Love for nature is dressed in fashion, wrapping spring dresses from floral prints with visions inspired by gardens and botanical gardens. They wrap lightweight fabrics that design floating harmonies, natural materials such as cotton, silk and viscose for a silhouette embellished with flywheels, flakes and drapes.Tara Jarmon Spring Summer 2018 women's Collection;A feminine and modern collection of Tara Jarmon for a woman who loves to feel unique and dressed in colors. Other great characters, bright colors, red, yellow, green for tailleur, trenches and dress all remind us that in a moment the hot season will return. The brand was born from a meeting between a businessman David Jarman and a Canadian student Tara in 1986 joining their talents and taking the brand in Paris.

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