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The unparalleled beauty of Asinara inspires the new “Sardinian landscape” collection by Eles Italia

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When we think about Sardinia, our mind comes in paradise places, wild nature, breathtaking views such as the Asinara National Park: a small world where the time seems to have stopped, harsh and sunny trails, high promontories alternating with beaches by the impalpable sand, small caves that hide a rich flora.

The mysterious charm of a place where the strong sense of tradition continues to live through the centuries and regenerates itself spontaneously even within a modern system projected towards the future. The Eles Italia fashion designers, Silvia and Stefania Loriga, through their new “Sardinian landscape” collection take us in a virtual journey to the discovery of Asinara Island, the only place where the white donkeys live, which is surprising for the variety, richness and beauty of nature, flowers like the juniper that colors the landscape with amazing shades of green, yellow, red, or like the sea cistus plant with its small white flowers by the inebriating scent. Eles Italia re-designs, in a completely personal and unusual way, this wonderful panorama by creating a ready-to-buy collection for Spring Summer 2018, available on the official website www.elesitalia.com. An ensemble of dresses that mix past and present, the seduction of fashion as a sophisticated style game to represent the unparalleled splendor of this nature."Sardinian landscape" Spring summer 2018 Ecollection by Eles Italia . Photo by Sara MontalbanoThe “Sardinian landscape” collection is rich in details, tailor-made preciousness, new prints, fringes and innovative 3D embroideries in crystals, gems, and Swarovski, making each garment and accessory a real art work. Fine fabrics on which shine unique decors for a contemporary noble lady coming out from the Castellazzo in Asinara with the royal class that this mansion imposes. Couture gowns on which big flowers, by the lively shades, blossom, as on typical Sardinian shawls, or on which the stylized contours of Sardinia appear as on a painter’s canvas. The mini dresses and the jumpsuits are tightened, at the waist, by the new Eles Belts whose handmade craftsmanship evoke the delicious floral decorations of Sardinian cakes, the evening gowns are finely embroidered and caress the silhouette with grace and delicacy.

A versatile, precious and refined collection that is, at the same time, the testimony of Sardinian culture, a homage to a wonderful island and its majestic and unspoiled nature.

photo by Sara Montalbano – Model Enrica Cabriolu – Hair & Make up Tamara Hypnotic Parrucchieri – Location Asinara National Park

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