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Creativity and talent young talents art: CDivertiamo together?

by Carmela Trabacco
A new reality and a single purpose: promote the young talents creativity. CDivertiamo is a real fun in the shoes design. A mix of unique brands that mirror the designer’s soul. Ready to find out?

Alain Tondowski
Traditional codes adaptable in an avant-garde way with a decidedly modern aesthetics. All this represents Alain Tondowski Spring Summer 2018 collection. From the iconic pyramid of the Icon Sandal to a new heel. From slippery slippers to wore coated leather with a chess pattern to elements recalling the 1960s and expressing themselves through new materials.

Creations that seem to be real art works. A collection of unique pieces telling a story. A journey into the world of handmade fabrics and colors rainbows. Antolina rules!

Arvid Yuki Shy
For the Spring Summer 2018, Arvid Yuki Shy has chosen multiple contaminations from different parts of the world, but always exotic: Indian tassels, tropical fabrics and precious leather such as ayers and python that for the first time are used to embellish the patterns by creating a game of lights and colors. To distinguish the entire collection is the recurring use of white and black ribbons, contrasting with the vivid colors of the upper, and maxi buckles, declined in all structures to define a story and a “fil rouge” that has always characterized the brand.

What are the inspirational museums of the Spring Summer 2018 collection in Coriamenta? Real cobra, coral snake, black mamba, krait and the most poisonous snakes in the world. Creations designed for a femme fatal, seductive, elegant for a strong and definite identity. From new sabot to texani. A collection to be discovered in every minimal nuance!

Mood, setting, shoes. Rayne and her creations for the Spring Summer 2018 collection try to change the choice of the shoe. From the vintage spirit, the collection draws inspiration from the bright palette of the 1950s and 1970s. The iconic “Adalberta” comes in new shades and the heel is inspired by rock-couture. But Rayne has never forgotten the bow that remains the absolute protagonist of the brand.

Zhanna Badoeva
A unique collection. Combinations of different textures of silk, leather and fur. A meeting of different colors in their thousand shades. From shades to shades of red, black and green. There are also drawings and prints.

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