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Exotic Jeans. Desigual Fall Winter 2017/18

by Linda Chirieleison
The denim opens Desigual‘s new Fall Winter season 2017/18, the capsule is featured with a very exotic spot with various protagonists: brand leaders, popping, urban-funky dance that became popular in the United States in the 1970s , the dancers Lameka Fox and Robyn Bevan, with the choreography of Lia Kim.

The jackets are top tips that, like fairy colorful birds, fly to end with the ballet dancers who with almost robotic and sensual style dance at the rhythm of the Mavi Phoenix Aventura song. The director of this video is of the famous advertising Luis Cerverò. The elements there are all for an explosive hypnotic and accentuating mix. Desigual points to the urban style, using a typical feature of the brand, the combination of denim and patchwork of different fabrics.Exotic Jeans. Desigual Fall Winter 2017/18Capsules point to colorful ornaments that enrich urban style, but patcwork visually recalls an ethnic style, jackets in various models and colors offer various options for all textiles. Desigual recounts the style of a dynamic and cheerful woman through the craftsmanship that makes them unique in the new Fall Winter 2017/18  Collection.

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