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The modern Cleopatra by Andrea Silla – Aegypt Spring Summer 2018 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
The story of a civilization wrapped in mystery and charm is a spokesman for a new version of the female image. Egypt and its wonders, the people that made it a unique land, the symbols of an evolved society but above all pioneer of a unique and never equal aesthetic: all these elements blend in the esoteric version of the female beauty that Andrea Silla chose to revel in his new Spring  Summer 2018 collection.

Andrea Silla is a brand that represents a strong and seductive woman but also profound and romantic, a modern woman with strong roots in the past, her origins and values that make her unique. Like his (almost) whole Italian history, the young designer dedicates this collection to strong women in Italy, who “contribute every day to push forward our country” and obviously strengthens the concept by always proposing a completely Made In Italy collection with his amazing collaborators. As an ambitious designer, Andrea decides to challenge the schemes and propose an entire off-shoulder shoulders collection that squeez te eye to the trend and also breaks it down in every possible way.Andrea SillaThe eye-catching and curious feature is definitely the combination of strong fabrics such as leather with light ones as chiffon in a contrast that seems to speak about femininity, especially about the femininity of which the brand is spokesman: silent and strong. Beware of the details summarized for this collection in applications with Egyptian motifs that, in addition to enriching the aesthetics, give each garment the ability to tell a story.

Crepe shirts, long dresses and skirts are born on contrasting fabrics or enriched with lace and organza that have always been a symbol of sensual femininity but also elegant. The Aegypt collection is yet another demonstration of love for women, an attempt to understand them better, is the desire to represent them as each person who is about to dress them should do.

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