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Bottega Veneta: creations that speak for themselves, but never in the name of the wearer

by Emanuela Cinti
The Early Fall 2018 Bottega Veneta collection is a meeting point between summer and autumn and the chosen shades guide us in this path rich in craftsmanship, elegance and individuality. Wash silk, lace and abstract and colorful prints make the collection refined and playful at the same time.

The final part of the collection emanates rich and saturated colors such as Purple Monalisa, Yellow Sunset and China Red. Bags, in addition to the traditional motif pattern, present new shapes and details. The shoe of the season is Isabella and is characterized by a round tip with a surreal touch, which seems to have been immersed in the paint with a woven weave. This collection has been designed to meet the needs and tastes of individualist customers.”These are clothes that are desirable and useful,” says creative director Tomas Maier.Bottega Veneta women's Early Fall 2018“I want to give them something they have not seen, so they have to. ” It follows the Early Fall 2018 men’s collection with sweatshirts, leather jackets, complete linen and cotton. Moving to autumn, the completes change fabrics like checkered wool, leather jackets overlaid with ski sweaters and dark jeans. The romble, a constant symbol of this collection, appears on printed lightweight jackets and button-down shirts, and still on the contrasting seams of a jacket and on neo-argyle sweaters and socks.

Men’s handbags also feature new styles, one of which is the Bricks Backpack: a new nylon and leather backpack combining the pragmatism of an outdoor purse with all the sophistication of an Italian luxury home. To end up with recognizable and innovative design boots and sneakers. Wearing Bottega Veneta means not only choosing elegance, innovation and creativity but above all to reveal inner strength and self-confidence.

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