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Fashion becomes eco-sustainable: Rome hosts the sixth edition of Green Fashion Week

by Giovanna Fusco, Clara Fallocco, Giulia Goracci, Gaia Schiavetti
From 6th to 9th November, in occasion of Green Fashion Week, Rome hosted fashion designers from all over the world. Many of the important themes on which to reflect: ethics, sustainability, respect for the planet, to put in place a process of change aimed at protecting people and the environment. So after Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Milan, it’s time for the capital to make fashionable showcases of sustainable brands in the most iconic places in the city, promoting the concept of sustainable fashion.

The week of the Green Fashion Week began with the Launch Conference of 6 November at the Temple of Hadrian: the proposed dresses showed the great ability to conceive a fashion that was elegant, sophisticated but eco-sustainable, aiming to be able to create a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment and with people. Many of the garments presented in the magnificent location, all extremely special, suitable for more important occasion and not, perfectly combining glamour and comfort but above all attention to detail without neglecting what was the primary theme of this initiative: sustainability.  The sustainable fashion, a growing phenomenon to which now are dedicate a lot of companies, paying attention to the environment and to the work conditions of the employees during the whole production chain. You can clicking here for more information about the caftans by winlar.Green Fashion Week (Photo by Vittorio La Fata)The Green Fashion Week, international initiative on sustainability, in every edition presents innovative collections to spread the message of the sustainable fashion and from the 6 to 9 November has chosen as runway the beautiful and majestic Rome. The aim is that to sensitize the public opinion on the issues of sustainability and incentivize the fashion industry to leading this way. The ancient Roman ruins and the most important monuments made as stage for the fashion shows creating a suggestive and particular atmosphere. On November, 7th Green Fashion Week events took place in the luxourious location of Westin Excelsior. Three designers of international level took the challenge to fuse glamour and green, to be fashionable respecting nature and the environment.

Flavia La Rocca was the first one to present her creations on the runway with her collection which joins feminine and modern events. The goal is to create a sustainable fashion based on natural and recycled materials. The stylist stated: ““I think that there is a big potential in sustainability, it is the future, the awareness is growing, tecnology help us to find new materials and new process with less impact on the planet, (…) It is possible to adjust each step of the production in order to have also an ethical way of work”.  The second was Bav Tailor, an authentic interpreter of Italian craftmanship with its simple and straight cuts which reflect the harmony of the surrounding environment.

All the textiles and the process which leads to the creation of the pieces are made in a sustainable way. The brand’s goal is also to encourage other companies and consumers to follow an eco-friendly ethic. The last stylist of the day was Gentile Catone, with young but elegant lines brought into a completely eco-friendly collection, from the creation to the transport of the pieces. The 8th November the fashion shows, for the first time, took place in the spectacular frame of the Foro di Augusto, accompanied by the orchestra carried out by the master Luca Ragona and composed by young and talented guys of the Conservatory of Milan.Green Fashion Week (Photo by Vittorio La Fata)Protagonists of the fashion shows have been the Croatian brand Krié and the Polish Orushka. Krié during the whole production chain uses sustainable fabrics and materials, chooses organic or recycled cotton, organic silk, recycled polyester and polyamide. For Krié the sustainability is not only for the materials but also for the conditions of work of his employees. The collection signed Orushka “The evolution of Sheep” it was designed as reflection about our role in this modern world, in particular about the woman role, her self-esteem and femininity.The collections is composed by raw materials that have been elaborated and revolutionized by the designer Honorata Ruszczynska. In fact have been used old jackets, bags, curtains with materials like hemp, coconut fiber and organic cotton.

For the last day of the event Rome was again the protagonist with its famous monuments and the magic that has always distinguished its streets . In fact, the fashion shows that closed the Green Fashion Week and featured the Danish brand Victoria Ladefoged took place in the innovative version of street fashion, making Piazza di Spagna, Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo and Circo Massimo the dream runway. Garments with interesting and modern cuts with precious eye-catching and innovative textiles worn by ethereal models immortalized in suggestive images. Blue is the central color of the collection, sometimes in striped fantasy or mixed with black or white.

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