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Classicism, luminescence, creativity and modernity for the Frau women’s and men’s collection for Spring Summer 2018

by Cristina Rizza
It was 1952 when the company Frau began its history in the shoemaking world. Today the brand celebrates its 65 years of activity and presents its Spring Summer 2018 collection with an eye to the sophistication of avant-garde styles.

The woman who chooses Frau is simple and has very classic tastes, she prefers a soft moccasin to a twelve heel, she is an eclectic woman and chooses comfort for every occasion. This is why Frau chooses to make even the most casual models more precious, always keeping pace with trends.

The sneakers become sparkling in shades of gold and silver, as if to remember the packaging of a chocolate bar, then passing through a romantic pink-candy, multicolor or floral; the touch of glamor is given by the satin laces, already the trend of last year. For the artist Runner a mix & match of leathers with different processes: from suede to coated, from mirrored to perforated and contrasting color combinations, black and neon pink. The sole is silk-screened with a Pollock effect.

The proposals in floral, brocade or satin fabric are an alternative with a refined allure. Who said that the dancers are the bon ton shoes par excellence? Frau revisits them for those who do not have time to stop even a second: a “runner” sole makes them more sporty and even more comfortable. The toe is squared like those for ballet and the uppers, embellished with bows or fringes, explore the shades of antique rose, on bright or suede skin. The ribbon for the ankle fastening is also inevitable here, as in the most classic of traditions.Frau Fall Spring Summer 2018You then move on to lace-ups and sabots that show off woven uppers, only in leather or leather and raffia, studded with glitter or in lurex fabric with sneakers, perforated or in classic black & white tones. Heel but never uncomfortable! As we have said, Frau does not want to get to the end of the day with aching feet, so the heels are low and very wide or alternate with raffia wedges. The sandals are minimal, decorated with classic fabric stripes, mostly monochromatic: white, black, red, light blue, silver. The only other detail is the ankle laces or the fringes that form a maxi pon pon.

To finish the spring summer collection, espadrilles could not be missing: in a sneaker-laced version or in the classic pastel shades. Along with the shoes the accessories most loved by women are the bags: made with exclusive and refined materials. Dominating the palette are the neutral colors gray, white, dusty blue, taupe and black, the hazard is in the details and processing of materials with python and iridescent effects, a contrast of different elements and styles, a perfect harmony of form and matter. The models are the classic shopper, the bucket and the clutches.

The collection for him is divided into two souls, the classic and the sporty one: the first one is the Italian interpretation of a metropolitan dandy, elegant shoes where every detail and every seam is cured and reveals the excellence of the workmanship and passion and competence and craftsmanship, all founding values ​​of the brand. And still smooth chamois or with dovetail and leather welt with exposed seam. The moccasin with fringe and tassel has the ton sur ton sole with the upper and a vintage soul that wins at first glance. Handmade creations Made in Italy with a contemporary British Mood. A new interpretation of English, for lace-up or smooth-woven leather straps, with a super light tricolor sole and welt with visible stitching.

The shattered style of the jeans, that experienced allure of Radical Chic looks, can also be found in the Distressed, bohemian or vintage shoes, if you prefer, intentionally imperfect, like the suede and crepe background. Inevitable sleepers, woven leather with contrasting boxed bottom and double-moccasin moccasin: classic upper with tassels and sport bottom. Perfect alternatives for leisure and for those who love street and subway fashion. The sneakers are a hymn to classicism: super light sole with antigrip base and upper in technical fabric, a single piece that gives the wearer the feeling of maximum well-being and enveloping. Embroidered eyelets, suede details and evergreen lines for this model with an original design and surprising performances. The same background also for the version with rounded shape and embroidered honeycomb upper, color on color.

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