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The stars come down to earth with the new Eles Italia belts

The turquoise seabed of the Sea of Sardinia which, in the night, is filled with stars: it is this suggestive and exciting spectacle that inspires the new Eles Italia belts.

Silvia and Stefania Loriga don’t resist the charm of nature and their land, a fabulous island where every night the beach and the sea are illuminated with glints and iridescences that make the waves of the sea look like a corner of the sky.With the new Eles Italia belts, every woman can wear what has always appeared as mysterious and unreachable.Eles Italia Belts collectionCreations that seem to come “spontaneously” from nature, in reality every detail is carefully studied to realize elegant, refined, unique and sophisticated accessories.

The belts, rigorously handmade, shine with the application of crystals in various sizes, semi-precious stones and zircons in a harmonious ensemble of shades ranging from light blue to blue, pink, green, illuminated by gold or silver elements stolen from the sky and the sea, allowing us to enter the fantastic atmosphere of Sardinia. The new belts created by Eles Italia are a real poetry, able to seduce every woman who cannot give up completing her look with a sparkling touch of style.

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