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Balossa Fall Winter 2018/19: a shirt with.. something new to say

by Cristina Vannuzzi Landini
Indra Kaffemanaite, designer. From her studies in Italy, at the heart of the fashion industry, to her famous white shirt, and a meeting between imagination and minimalism. The result? The Balossa brand – a new paradigm of style.

The classic shirt has been deconstructed; cuffs mixed with collars, shoulders and lapels, cotton mixed with silk poplin, shades of grey mixed with a palette of classic, calming white. These are the fundamental elements of the style of designer Indra Kaffemanaite. Indra weaves magic into the principle of the minimalist shirt, creating a fluctuating and bewitching variety of styles that blend together harmoniously for the new Fall Winter 2018/19 collection.Balossa Fall Winter 2018A delicate balance between luxury and comfort is maintained through a perfect harmony of a fitted cut and more open features that trail lightly behind, enchanting would-be spectators into a world populated by fantastical women; the lead protagonists of their own narratives which are weaved from both fantasy and reality.  All of this revolves around the simple, evergreen theme of the men’s white shirt, but a white shirt that speaks a mysterious, confounding language that creates subtle illusions and tricks, turning at once into a coat, a robe, a vest; not only breaking the rules but completely re-writing them.

The temperament of Indra Kaffemanaite understands the value of tradition and history, but also gives a playful nod to a cacophony of hidden messages, references and flirtatious suggestions – an unexpected bow, a tie, a minidress, a tempestuous collar that becomes a surprise hood, a cuff that becomes a love letter, dandy trousers that slip like tights into musketeer boots, a flower, a delicate neckline of white petals, belts that become the focal point of an outfit, a gray kimono overcoat from which blossoms a tender pink lining, a vintage but trendy Scottish jacquard pattern, discreet cuts and flares for sexy longuette skirts that seem to float upon the air like butterflies, poplin cotton double overlaid waistcoats with the sensuality of a silk caban, a mix of day and night, imposing but not heavy, a masterpiece of technique – the precise style of Indra Kaffemanaite for Balossa. www.balossashirt.com

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