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Meeting of women: Metis Di Meo and Marta Jane Alesiani

by Cristina Vannuzzi Landini – photo by Gabriele Vinciguerra
Return on Rai1 Easy Driver, the television program presented by Metis Di Meo in search of an unusual Italy, made of natural parks, ancient abbeys, meetings with unknown characters, a world of animals and landscapes, historical cultural routes, on the trail of many curiosities related to the places, to the customs and traditions, the uncontaminated natural landscapes described in all their amazing beauty, to the discovery of the typical local products appreciated in the world, skill and Italian talent, meeting the genius of peasant cuisine.

A world where Metis Di Meo leads us to the discovery of the Italian excellence showcase, a heritage of traditions and qualities that are the DNA of our territory. And in this world, which Metis makes fantastic, a synergy has been created between Metis Di Meo and Marta Jane Alesiani, the designer who dressed the presenter, the young creative who, with her brand, loves to surprise with the great passion for her work, always fascinated by the world of color and by careful research on the fabric. And Marta Jane tells us about this meeting between two women.

Marta Jane, you love colors, at this moment your garments are worn by a beautiful and sunny person, the presenter of Easy Driver: Metis di Meo, can you tell us how was your meeting?
The meeting with Metis was born thanks to my Press Office, Le Salon de la Mode curated by the expert and brilliant Gabriella Chiarappa. Metis is the perfect embodiment of the woman I want to dress, charismatic, sunny and beautiful. I showed her some outfits from the winter collection, themed Egypt and she was so excited to wear them not only for the Easy Driver program but also in several TV shows on Rai1. When I saw her wearing the garments, I realized that the colors of my creations were perfectly matched with her skin and her hair.Metis di MeoThe inner positivity is a feature that unites both you and Metis Di Meo, is this the motivation that led you to dress her up?
Metis has a great personality and manages to transform what she does into positive energy. In this we resemble each other, we can say that we have been at ease immediately, a feeling that confirmed the fantastic work we have done in synergy.

How was it to work with Metis on the occasion of the photo shoot?
It was incredible because Metis was superlative, she dressed every outfit with ease, she had a perception of the garments in tune with her personality. It was a great team work, a simple and friendly woman, by the excellent character in an atmosphere made friendly and carefree by her smile, which made the job a real pleasure. The work was done in Rome at the Fashion Look Academy, by the photographer Gabriele Vinciguerra, his sensitivity and attention to details made the shooting a masterpiece.

Can you describe the garments worn by Metis to represent your brand?
The Bastet coat, a precious coat in copper-colored brocade silk velvet, the Nefertiti dress made with a hand-woven fabric, full of color, a soft black shirt with macramé lace inserts, the jacquard Sole skirt, one of best-selling garments in the collection, and finally the Queen down jacket surrounded by a majestic turquoise stone mala. I added accessories like the Circle of Gods, handmade and the belt with a copper buckle, handcrafted by a well-known craftsman from Marche.

Your particular inner radiance is also reflected in your creations, so incisively that your dresses seem to have a Soul. Can you confirm this theory and explain it?
I deeply believe that every creation has a Soul, so when I create, I get excited and I always try to transmit my positive energy. The sketch of a garment, the needle and the thread, the fabrics, the accessories that match the garment, every time creates a winning harmony, I transfer my identity to my creations, in which work is made of passion for life , I transmit my origins in my professionalism, clothes as homes, as the word itself suggests, what you wear is your business card that you decide to take with you all day, transmitting your positive energy, perceived by those who is wearing. Mine is a world of color, to live the colors perceiving their vibrations that have the ability to influence our mood. My intent is to realize dreams …… not just outfits.

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