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Piccione.Piccione transforms itself, darer than ever – Fall Winter 2018/19 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti – photo by Giorgio Cavestro
Huge bows lay on the hair of the models and adorn the hairstyles modifying the silhouette. Piccione.Piccione is one of the shows that I look forward to during the fashion week but certainly I was not expecting a revolution.

The young Sicilian known for the prints, the romantic line and the transgressive transparencies decided to take his fashion to a next level and to make his woman grow. Awareness, sensuality, character and security, romance and lightness remain a must and the brand retains its identity but leaves the ethereal side to make space for metropolitan energy.Piccione.Piccione Fall Winter 2018/19 women's collection (photo by Giorgio Cavestro)Like a woman who stays real, a dreamer and in love with life but it’s now aware of her beauty, wants to face her future and wants to be the best version of herself.Always linked to art, Salvatore Piccione does not forget his origins but moves his passion towards something more contemporary and approaches Kandinsky and abstractionism.Piccione.Piccione Fall Winter 2018/19 women's collection (photo by Giorgio Cavestro)This is how the collection’s palette revolves around the primary colors: very bright red, yellow and blue. The red often darkens itslef marrying the black in an aggressive and rock mood that is charged with an elegant but shameless sensuality. Transparencies are less decorated but more colorful. Even the flower becomes an emblem of change turning into a design with stronger contours and colors that expresses security and strength.

Elegance in red expressed by the transparent dress with cape and embroidery, one of the garments that expresses the connection between the origins of Piccione.Piccione and therevolution, its growth … that one we loved!

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