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NSR Fashion Show: a magic break from Fashion Week crazyness

by Gaia Schiavetti
Between a show and the other, the various races on heels and boots to arrive in time to events that, fortunately, always start late, we took a moment to dive in the Chinese culture and the surprises that Guardans-Cambò organized for the guests of the NSR event who saw the creations of Zeng Fengfei on the catwalk.

The designer, already known also in the West thanks to his innate talent to mix the freshest trends with the centuries-old origins of Chinese culture, presented his new collection to international guests, not hiding his emotion at the end of the show. In a minimal location made evocative by images of Chinese tradition projected on the walls, the CEO of NSR Mr. David Lee accompanied Zeng Fengfei in his debut in the Milan fashion world along with two other emerging designers Chen Yu and Ren Yi.

The first fashion show was obviously the Zeng Fengei one and his beautiful garments that  created a bridge between China and Italy during the catwalk. The event was full of suggestive moments including the presence of Miss China on the catwalk and the finale of Zeng Fengfei: models entered the room with some wonderful embroidered lucky spheres that they donated to the guests. The breaks before each show allowed guests to meet designers, receive very welcome gadgets, drink bubbles and taste wonderful finger foods.NSR (Evento/Backstage) Finalter“I am a designer and so everything I see, hear or perceive becomes inspiration for me. I do not have a precise guideline, I let myself be inspired “, explained Zeng Fengfei when we asked him what motivated him to create such special and eclectic garments. The other two designers were really a pleasant revelation. Chen Yu presented the Kashmir Leopard collection born from his studies on deconstruction and sculpture techniques.

The tradition of craftsmanship and its links with the West make the Kashmir region the perfect inspiration for Chen Yu. Big up for Ren Yi, a very promising designer who presented “Spring Mailing You Again”, a collection with a strong and decisive character inspired by a love story that is summarized in a poem. The four seasons pass inexorably influencing the design of the garments: the less defined forms represent childhood and less defined memories that are combined with more decisive, deeper moments of color.

Fall brings its warm colors. White, pale pink and light green are the top of the feeling, a nostalgic, romantic spring. “See you Again, Seeing you always. Whenever the spring breeze, we meet again “.

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