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Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, the transgressive side of fashion

by Giorgia Crescia
Paris Fashion Week, Andreas Kronthaler  for Vivienne Westwood but, first of all, to fully understand the creations signed Vivienne Westwood we should take a step back, going back to the origins..

Vivienne was born in Tintwistle and then she moved to London to study fashion and goldsmith’s,  she created a jewelry collection that she sold on the stalls in Portobello’s Road. Yet, everything started from her marriage with Derek Westwood, who opened her first shop with ‘Let it Rock’, the landmark for the underground culture of the 70s; Westwood early showed her personal vision of fashion: eccentric, extravagant and provocative. Her shop changed various names according the changes of styles of the designer. Always upstream and with a provocative voice, Vivienne Westwood has climbed over, in the years, the dividing line between fashion and social commitment turning that fashion, in some cases, into a social campaign against the politicians or men exploitation in the Earth.Andreas Kronthaler For Vivienne Westwood . Fall Winter 2018/19The brand has always used eccentric and original fabrics, asymmetric cuts and extravagant combinations, even her new collection, which paraded on the Paris Fashion Week catwalks, kept high the value of the brand. Extremely high heels with plateau, leather boots with laces so as to keep a punk line; dresses rich in big rouches and belts with oversize charms but also wool mini dresses tied up at the waist and enriched by some new cuts or again jackets and wide skirts with strong colors expressing self-assurance and showing Vivienne Westwood strong and rebel heart; men in skirts, make up and high heels, men and women over covered or just in shorts and braces, electric blue ankle boots, dungarees, all accompanied with a transgressive taste which leads to extremes and the will to be who you are on the catwalk.
Very high waist patterned  trousers matched to hanging earrings but also total black long skirts or  wool one-shoulder male suits worn on a patterned t-shirt together with legwarmers and high heel shoes; knots and patterns tie the new line signed Vivienne Westwood which has run the Paris Fashion Week catwalks in a new and spectacular way.

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