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Magnum “takes the pleasure seriously” with Alexander Wang and Bella Hadid

by Gaia Schiavetti
After a very successful collaboration that involved and entertained the fashion world Magnum comes back thanks to a new campaign represented by a short film.

The protagonists of the film are two very popular characters in the fashion scene: Alexander Wang, designer of the homonymous fashion house and Bella Hadid, play on the photo set after biting a chocolate-covered Magnum. Seductive and enigmatic Bella Hadid is the perfect face for the new campaign “Take the Pleasure Seriously” that sees her starring alongside Alexander Wang who is not only one of the most coveted designers by the stars but also a symbol of fresh, young and brilliant talent. Magnum Alexander Wang and Bella HadidThe film made for the campaign is a praise to pleasure, the one that leads out of the constraints and conventions, a rebellious pleasure that has however the basis in heritage, tradition and attention to quality and details that have always distinguished Magnum. The company’s revolution that began with the first steps to get closer to the world of fashion has continued without stopping,changing its shape everytime.

From the previous collaboration with Moschino who saw the birth of limited edition personalized bags and amazing events, the legendary ice cream wants to become an actor, to play the part of the rebel he has always liked. The sensuality of temptation has become a lifestyle for Magnum and also for Alexander Wang who worked closely with the brand to make a short film with a very specific message: break the schemes to live the pleasure even in a glamorous moment, “The collaboration with Magnum has focused on the seductive pleasure of the senses. Working with Bella to show the mastery with which the Magnum ice creams are created is something I am very proud of. It is extraordinary to collaborate with Magnum on this campaign and show people the importance of pleasure in life. I look forward to our great presentation in Cannes! ” The short film will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival on May 10th in the Magnum lounge, which will host a party, or rather the most awaited party of the festival!

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