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McArthurglen joins art and fashion for Coachella 2018

by Clara Fallocco
In view of Coachella, the coolest music festival in the United States, McArthurglen proposes the new Spring Summer trends drawing inspiration from the works of the French artist Piet Mondrian.

Sparkling shades, bright colours and geometric patterns to highlight personality characterize the new collection. “There are no rules in fashion, you only have to follow your instinct” says fashion stylist Simone Guidarelli “And never more than this summer fashion is colour, fantasy, vivacity.”McArthurGlen . Coachella
According to Mondrian, whose art is the search for essentiality, primary colours are three: blue, yellow and red. With him the Modernism starts and his intuition also inspired stylists like Yves Saint Laurent.

With Mondrian the bond between fashion and art becomes unbreakable and McArthurglen interprets this trend in the most original and creative way.

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