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Racine Carrée WunderBox – The room of wonders. Fall Winter 2018 collection

by Ilaria Covello . photo by Giuseppe Spena
The inspiration for the Wunderkammer starts from the distant and snobby 500′, when the pompous style of the nobility was made of glitz, intense colors, and excess. We find this in the reinterpretation of the marvelous rooms, five in all, which were used to create amazement and expectation for his shoe collection.

Wunderkammer” is an expression in German, born in Northern Europe at the beginning of the 500 and then spread throughout Italy. This indicates the noble environment that collected collections of “Naturalia artificialia e mirabilia” as rare objects of natural history, such as unknown fishes or coral branches, precious archaeological finds, coins and cameos, crystals, maps, instruments and inventions of various kinds.  Among the most famous collections of “wonderful things” stand out those that belonged to the Farnese and Medici families.Racine Carrée Fall Winter 2018/19 (photo by Giuseppe Spena)The WunderBox Racine Carrée becomes, therefore, a sought-after space-container dedicated to the presentation of its collection of luxury shoes Fall Winter 2018 and transforms the space of the location in an equally magical path. A symbolic, imaginary journey, between dream footwear, pop art, historical details, eccentricity, where the gaze of the spectators is inevitably captured. The intent was to capture the gaze of his guests beyond the everyday and the known, guiding him in the world of Racine Carrée proposals, amazement and wonder.

Among the guests present we mention Filippa Lagerback, Giorgia Surina, Justine Mattera, Gaia Bermani Amaral, Paola Maugeri, Eleonora Carisi, Alessandra Airò and many others. The location was that of the former Cinema Arts, which has always been the scene of special “masses” on stage “. This time we have seen bizarre installations, a mysterious alternation of lights, collections and suggestions of various species, precious fabrics, natural and precious materials, the sparkle of Swarovski crystals, all details from which all the synthesis of Viviana’s eclectic work is captured Vignola. A season of surprising shoes, rich in research and exclusive recognition.

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