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The elegance of Wolford . Spring Summer 2018 collection

by Linda Chirieleison
Summer has begun and the desire for holidays increases more and more. The Wolford Summer Elegance collection aims to make you dress up in the summer, for a trendy beach look or for the day and the evening, the Wolford brand offers lightweight and ultra soft garments with regular lines for a woman who loves to feel at ease.

The lines of the Wolford garments model a sophisticated femininity on the solhouette. Wolford has studied a transparent and matte knitting technology that becomes a must-have for the summer of 2018 and combines Raschel lace with light garments to find a balance between fabrics. The Wolford collection presents perfect garments for a day at the beach, light and comfortable with a touch of glamor.The elegance of Wolford
For a perfect summer outfit, the Bondi Beach Top and the Trousers are the first to be wedged to a skirt, the latter to a top that discovers the navel, for a very street effect. Wolford Summer Elegance proposes the monochromatic jumpsuit suit, garment to wear for a special day, it guarantees extreme comfort. All versatile pieces to wear with ease for various occasions that outline a soft femininity. For a summer party, Wolford offers the Bondi Beach Dress, a chic dress that will make you the night of the evening. Ready for the summer with the Wolford Summer Elegance collection!

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