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Federica Nargi, the new designer for the I Am Bikini Spring Summer 2018 collection

by Emanuela Cinti
I Am Bikini
, the beachwear brand totally made in Italy, for the new Spring Summer 2018 collection, has thought of a sparkling and fun capsule collection designed by Federica Nargi, in collaboration with Amedeo di Martino and Mario Borgonuovo, founders of the brand.

“It started as much as a model, then Amedeo and Mario made me this proposal that I accepted very willingly, we got involved and we had fun and I hope it will be great. Difficulty we did not meet, we all worked together, the group was nice, fun, solid, so we did this capsule with fun. We tried to understand what are the costumes that could be more pleasing to girls and that is why my capsules do not follow a unique style, but different styles to satisfy the taste of all women and girls ” says Federica Nargi during the interview on the sidelines of the presentation.

I Am Bikini – Federica Nargi

The show girl and neo stylist has been able to translate the desires of women in a collection that tells emotions mixed in color and style. The models of the capsule are seven: seven as the different emotions to which Federica was inspired while drawing them, seven as the adjectives that most represent the soul of the new stylist. Funny, Sparkly, Friendly, Happy, Sweet, Italian and Sunny, are the names of the costumes, with a fresh and captivating design. “I’m Sunny is the emotion that represents me most”, says the Nargi.

In the capsule collection Sunny is a triangle bikini characterized by contrasting colors available in copper / black, pink / white and copper / white, with the addition of metallic inserts, lace and geometric patterns, all combined with the skilful workmanship made in Italy of I Am Bikini. Each piece aims to communicate a feeling of freedom, a freedom enclosed in the sea, in the summer but especially in every woman, because the true essence of this capsule collection is to make every woman feel free to be herself on any occasion .

I Am Bikini is fashionable and social at the same time, in fact for this new collection all girls can share their bikinis on their profiles with the hashtag #Iam, #IamBikini and their favorite emotion, to have fantastic surprises.

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