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Hard Rock is inspired by the journey – My Journey collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
How many times have we talked about the journey as an inspiration? Whether it’s men’s, women’s, Fall Winter, Spring Summer, Cruise or pre-Fall collections, the journey is still one of the most popular themes because it’s the favorite activity of new generations, millennials, but also women and men who can’t wait to take a break from the chaos and the daily rhythms.

In short, the journey has replaced every desire becoming the first action we do in free time, plus with the social has acquired a further role: now we want to tell it through photographs, make it unique and share it with those who follow us. As Hard Rock states “what matters is the journey not the destination” and confirms it with the
My Journey collection composed of items including accessories and clothing available in the Hard Rock stores in Rome, Venice and Florence until October.

The Hard Rock style is enriched with a new inspiration and new items including jogging pants together with the iconic t-shirts and jackets. Hard Rock that always combines music and fashion with its merchandising wants to overcome itself and pamper its customers with increasingly captivating collections and of course to start there is no better time of summer. Our favorite pieces are the western style pink t-shirt and the military style man shirt in green. www.rockshop.hardrock.com




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