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Day 04 Gigi Hadid + Alexander Wang

The Pirelli calendar 2019 is signed by Albert Watson

by Gaia Schiavetti
It has been an institution for years and every new release enriches the history of photography and immortalizes known faces and bodies, telling the historical moment in which they live, giving a beautiful face to the world.

The Pirelli calendar returns with the 2019 edition and new stories to tell, new protagonists. Four couples have accepted the arduous task of telling stories of women trying to achieve their goals among the joys and sorrows that life entrusts to the audacious. In mid-April Albert Watson has immortalized on the set evocative and communicative images giving us already some wonderful backstage photos that make us enter the stories and make us already choose our favorite character. Misty Copeland and Calvin Royal III are two dancers. She performs in a stip-club to survuve and lives in a small art house with Calvin who dreams as she to becomes an ètoile. A painter and a dancer: Laetitia Casta and Sergei Polunin live in an eccentric loft while Laetitia dreams of a great artist’s future. The third couple is made up of two women: Julia Garner is a botanical photographer who works in a botanical garden where she photographs rare plants dreaming to become great and famous.Day 04 Gigi Hadid + Alexander Wang
Day 04 Gigi Hadid  Alexander Wang . Albert Watson

Astrid Eika participates in the story by interpreting a photographer. The last couple has glam and fame, two very popular characters become a rich and famous heiress and his trusty friend. Gigi Hadid has a veil of sadness in her eyes: she often feels alone, incomplete, insecure and fearful. Alexander Wang is the perfect friend, a precious confidant. A masterpiece signed by Albert Watson, a photographer whith a great and successful past . The first assignment for Max Factor brought him fast into the fashion world working in magazines as Mademoiselle, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar where he snapped Alfred Hitchcock, his first celebrity. He won a Grammy for photography in 1975 and achieved the first assignment for Vogue a year later. His photos are in more than 100 covers and boast exposure in museums and galleries around the world in solo and group exhibitions.

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