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“Asfalto”, the new single by Sharon Selene ft Valentini

by Gaia Schiavetti
It was written in a sultry summer night and is a melancholic prayer born with the desire to take put life back together after a serious loss.

Asfalto” by Sharon Selene ft. the dj / producer Valentini aligns the city, our modern concrete house, with our moods.  The gray blanket that we tread on every day sadden with us and the day reborns with us on the windows of the buildings, drying the humidity of the night. It’s a song to listen to today, a late-summer Friday with September that has already counting its days, directly on Spotify, while waiting the video that will be released next Monday, September 10th.
“We wanted to capture the magic of the piece, born so impulsively. We recorded the song in the studio, the day after we shot the video on the streets of Milan” said Valentini and Sharon Selene.

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