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Samboue: when Earth Tones tells a story about successful women

by Mordilyn Worlu .photo by Giuseppe Spena
Fashion is an embrace, cultures blending while inspiring one another; and even this 2019 season the trend is ethnical with Samboue.

Opening the doors to the congolese culture with the Earth Tones bag collection by Samboue, brand that besides telling the story of its people through geometric shapes appliquè, gives new eyes guiding toward a journey into the society of Congo.Samboue means “Successful Woman” in the Tekè language, and it is the message and the spirit that Stephanie and Alice want to forward with their brand. Is a name that tells about the zeal of two women that made it possible for the Italian and African cultures to meet in a rock/chic key.

Inspired by the women of their life, the mother and the grandmother, Stephanie gives to the brand the family collection of Kuba textile and the name of the mother Marie Helene Samboue while Alice brings in the grandmother, fashion designer Ida Gilio, overseas experiences who foretold the trends by using Agave fiber for her winning hats in Venezuela.

Samboue is celebration of the woman, pillar of most of African societies, a name which encloses an all-female strength linked to the earth, Mother Nature. Is no coincidence that Earth Tones collection showcase an all-round chromatic research exploring the earth under all its shades.

A warm orange, an enigmatic tundra gray  and a mimetic sand tone; the choice of  Kuba textiles, braided raffia with characteristic plant origin dye, completes a cycle generated by the soil in accordance with the soil.

The recall to the nature is not based only by visual senses but also by unravel semantics. Indeed, the kuba textiles, belonging to the homonym tribe, holds in its embroideries, shapes and appliqués a millennial meaning passed down by peoples that knew how to observe and tell about changes within Nature.

Earth Tones, provided with a bag for each woman: a shopper for the city frenetic life, a backpack for the sportive casual ones and clutches for evening occasions. The latter can be found in several variations from the classic shape to a reinterpreted wristlet, or simply a clutch with a strap, and again a frame bag more rigid for the minimal women.

Fitting each occasion, they compliment the beauty of the wearer while giving a fresh air of Africa for a totally regenerating Spring Summer season.

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