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Italian cooks: the stars of “When Food Meets Fashion” event

by Gaia Schiavetti
Three days of fusion between fashion and food in the prestigious La Rinascente store in Via del Tritone in Rome.

When Food Meets Fashion,” among the protagonists there were also Italian JREs cooks who had great success and great interest among the public.The event was a unique and very important stage for the five JRE chefs who were hosted on the -1 floor of La Rinascente. We will call them artists, because defining them as cooks is reductive to us, and I also do it with a bit of patriotism for one of the sectors that has always distinguished us in the world.

So here they are: Tommaso Arrigoni from Innocenti Evasioni of Milan, Stefano Di Gennaro from Quintessenza di Trani, Andrea Sarri from Ristorante Sarri in Imperia and Nicola Portinari, Honorary Member from La Peca of Lonigo.Among them also Riccardo di Giacinto, “landlord” as he is the resident chef of the MadeIterraneo Terrace Restaurant, the space on La Rinascente’s terrace designed to complete the customers’s experience.
The Italians have also distinguished themselves in the masterclasses in which they have unveiled some secrets of their kitchen to make people able to run them at home and have been supported by the AEG sponsor who has put a cooking equipment in the kitchen.

In the Gala Dinner the chefs were then able to give free rein to their creativity by creating dishes that represent the whole Italy, while in the glasses was served Moet & Chandon.

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