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Unique Edition Spring Summer 2019 collection

by Adriana Zingone
Unique Edition is the Roberto Musso brand and Giulia Colussi is the collection designer, the Unique woman is cheerful and festive, ready for the Spring Summer 2019 season.

She dresses in stripes and colors and rediscovers the skirt, joyous and wide, that moves along with the lines and colors or hiding a trousers. Fluo orange and yellow, threaded in turquoise and interspersed with ècrù, the lines are imposed with a decisive horizontal visual rhythm in the pleated vertical skirt.On the back of the skirt the rule breaks and breaks down into a game of inlays and lines with different orientations that create a slightly tail effect together with the longer rim and the fall to the wheel.
The fluo returns to the embroidery patterns that combine green and yellow, orange and pink: couples of neon colors declined in a romantic and delicate key parade in the total look of the suit made of jacket screwed with small white lapels and full skirt.

The skirt is the protagonist of the next Summer Unique Edition, while the pants are they point out for the strong identity: in suit with the jacket, the pants are made of a silk and linen pinstripe with turquoise, orange stripes, Fluo, mixed, thick or distant incursions, on a white base and sections with a green colored base.

Easy-going lines, that play with perception, with pince sewn on the front that move the fabric. Seasonal accessory: the band sandals, low, in nappa leather in the colors of earth and sky, designed for a Unique woman and a Personal View of poetry.Inspired by Nature and the strength of the elements, the capsule that Giulia Colussi has created for Roberto Musso Unique Edition includes crystals and druses that come alive in strong, unique and recognizable statement pieces.

Giulia goes into the Earth’s wound, into its deepest cavities and reveals its hidden treasures to light. Inspired in Africa where antique spaces occupied by the desert hide gems of any type and color. Only in those places, rocks that date back up to three million years can be found.

She tells us: “I remained enchanted by the enormous and uncontaminated spaces of the Sussusvlei, the bright red those intense dunes are colored, as well as the stones and the roughness of some landscapes of Nord Namib.

It was precisely there that I realized I wanted to reproduced in some way that emotion; the joy I felt in unveiling gems guarded by the Earth, fused and originated thanks to the sedimentation timings of its wound.I then decided to work with pure and raw materials, those same wonders I had observed in Nature. This is the reason you will find natural druses giving life to rings, bracelets built rigorously in bronze reproducing that roughness and ancestrality I savored.

Great crystals, somehow smooth and shaped into drops or swords forming necklaces and earrings, intervening in a way in which mankind must interact with delicacy trying not to ruin or alter what Mother Nature has created.”

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