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Antonio Riva and its “Fil Rouge” – 2019 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti . photo by Giuseppe Spena
It’s called Fil Rouge and is the new collection signed by Antonio Riva for the new coming year.
The 2019 of the world famous fashion house will feature its typical elegance and refinement and a tribute to the rouge, an iconic color that has always been celebrated.

From the “Fil Rouge” between the maison and the importance of this color we start to get new shades and colors that preserve the aim of Antonio Riva’s style and of the 2019 collection: lightness.Light fabrics and soft lines allow the designer to think new shapes and new structures, molding them in a timeless style. The palette starts with red and includes powder pink, coral, burgundy, blue, emerald green, turquoise, black and lavender.Lightness is expressed in fabrics such as mikado the typical fabric of the maison, chiffon, silk crepon, organza, cady, satin and embroidered lace;

elegance remains impalpable in mermaid dresses and reduced volumes. For the evening the long leaves a little ‘space to midi and ankle lengths as the latest trends dictate.

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