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Lesara Like Mother Like Daughter

by Maria Teresa Verderami
The mother-daughter bond is the strongest of all, the only one allowing to develop an unbreakable form of empathy and connection.

A mother is the strongest source of inspiration to a daughter, both on a character sphere and stylistic sphere, that’s why Lesara decided to celebrate this special relationship, creating a clothing line who allows little girls to dress up as their own mothers.The collection is comfortable and fashionable, the silhouette on both mother and daughter dress is coordinated, ranging over a more casual style, as in blue and white striped cotton dress, and a more formal and delicate one, as in a lacy and floral dress.

The pieces are, thanks to a meticulous research and policy, trendy, sustainable and extremely quality, all at extremely reduced prices on the contrary of the modern market.

Lesara is a 2013 born project, Berlin based from an idea of Roman Kirsch, Robin Müller e Matthias Wilrich, who wanted to create affordable fashion line and lifestyle, never saving on quality, reaching both European and Chinese markets in 2017.

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