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Jenny Monteiro: The You & Me communication waistcoat

by Mordilyn Worlu
We are in an era where Fashion is highlighting the importance and the enrichment of cultural exchanges, Jenny Monteiro, Brazilian by birth Italian by professional formation, took this revolutionary period on her side showcasing a total new, in concept, collection. The
You & Me communication waistcoat.

The colors found in the You & Me collection are the five continent colors, the zipper area outlines two profiles looking at each other.
This collection tells us about the Earth surrounding us and embracing us, giving a deeper meaning: you are part of something despited the differences.The You & Me collection by Jenny Monteiro is well planned in its simplicity. The choice of delivering a message through a collection is made thanks to the awareness of a need to put people on the same lever despite nationality, sex, race, political or religious faith. Communication becomes the key of success of the collection while the latter becomes symbol.

Is no coincident if the You & Me waistcoat as a symbol have been wore by musicians, artist both male and female, with different features but same want to express something personal.

Jenny Monteiro proposes different variation on the patterns, another way to stress the importance of diversity, unicity seen as a common point. Once more, a way to show the different facet of the world surrounding us.

Wholly “made in Italy”, with refine textures and very accurate finishing the You & Me waistcoat is the symbol of a friendship proposal in the fashion industry.

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