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Wolford and the perfect silhouette for every woman: perfectly real

by Maria Elena Zannini
We know how Wolford has always wanted to obtain for each woman garments with a perfect silhouette, suitable and comfy for looks that can be both chic and comfortable for every moment of the day. This time Wolford wants to amaze us thinking of the perfect silhouette as something reachable. Perfection, in fact, often appears as something impossible, but for this season Wolford amazes us by combining perfection and authenticity.

The final goal? Make every woman feel better and more comfortable with herself.The Wolford woman is like this: perfectly imperfect, perfectly full of flaws, perfectly real.
Thanks to garments such as shiny, trendy Moonlight Pants with a daring touch, or thanks to the Stargaze Knee highs, it will be easy to get the perfect silhouette and always look stylish at any time!
What about the exuberant logomania? Thanks to Wolford, he will win you over. In fact, Wolford’s tights and mini-logos are a must-have accessory this season.

Let’s not forget the Silk Glow dress, the perfect silhouette and the right mix of elements. Everything is ready to be … perfectly real!

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