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Hibourama launches two new collections: Rebel Icon and Cosmo Collection!

by Camilla Valentini
Hibourama for Autumn Winter 2018/19, chooses to launch two new collections: the Rebel Icon, inspired by the icons of the ’70s and the Cosmo Collection, a capsule inspired by the zodiacal signs. Rebel Icon wants to be a hymn to change, transformation and celebration of the icons of the past that have made this fantasy world.

Voices of the artists who have made the history of music and social and cultural revolution.From The Rolling Stones to ABBA, from Donna Summer to the legendary Jackson 5.It is precisely the same strength that characterized that period that can be found in the collection, innovative, but faithful to the DNA of the brand.

In the Rebel Icon collection, there are bags with features that perfectly reflect the energy and mood of the ’70s, starting from the names.There is the “Charlotte Drop Rapsody” and “Simone Drop Rapsody”, with rigid and structured shapes and drop-shaped stones. Equally eccentric is the “Charlot Coachella”, with fringes in leather and contrasting brocade or the “Simone” Rebel Icon, with over embroidery and fine leathers of various colors such as mauve, red, black, green and turquoise.

Hibourama has taken care of the collection in every detail. In fact, on the bags “Charlotte” and “Simone Gingko Queen” the Gingko flower was hand embroidered, it is considered a rare living fossil because it comes from a tree whose origins date back to 250 years ago. This also contributes to making the Rebel Icon unique and absolutely desirable.

The Cosmo Collection is no less enviable and unique. For this capsule collection, Hibourama, took inspiration from the signs of the zodiac. Each bag represent a different sign embroidered over a grid of beads that makes the bag a miniature jewelry.

The color palette is inspired by the elements of water, earth, air and fire. There are different shades of green and turquoise, mauve, mustard and reds that slide down to the very current purple.

And which one do you choose Rebel Icon or Cosmo Collection?

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