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Salvatore Vignola: the Fall Winter 2018/19 collection between impressionism and futurism

by Maria Elena Zannini
Salvatore Vignola decides for his autumn-winter collection 2018-19 Sine Pietate to merge the themes belonging to artistic currents clearly different as impressionism and futurism.The two streams come together in this Fall Winter 2018/19 collection with elegance and refinement, giving life to creative and articulated garments.

The autumn-winter collection 18-19 Sine Pietate by Salvatore Vignola is inspired by impressionist art as an art linked to the concept of capturing every moment, as it did at the time through painting en plain air, anticipating the function of the camera.

Salvatore Vignola takes as its starting point for Sine Pietate the famous snowy landscapes of Impressionism and is inspired not only by their aesthetics but also by its chromaticisms, trying to create a collection that can be conceptually linked to the image of ice, freezing, conservation.It is instead to preserve these aspects that the influence of the Futurist current takes over in the Fall Winter 2018/19 collection.

The cuts of some dresses pay homage to the artist Boccioni, celebrating his work “Forme uniche della continuità nello spazio”, a symbol of movement and fluidity, essential throughout the collection

The volumes of the clothes by Sine Pietate designed by Salvatore Vignola, together with coulisse and bows, recall a nineteenth-century scenario.

The colors are still inspired by the ice and its nuances, but combining a touch of warmth thanks to the orange which dampens the coldness of the previous colors.

In the fabrics of the Fall Winter 2018/19 collection , we admire the combination of the artifice of plastic, a tribute to futurism, and the naturalness of wool and cotton.

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