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Moschino donna pre collezione Autunno Inverno 2019/20

Moschino is inspired by Fellini and blended history – Fall Winter 2019 woman pre-collection and man collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
Let’s go back talking about Moschino, a brand on which we have recently kept you very up to date, in particular today we talk about the latest collection presented by Moschino in the suggestive location of the ruins of the Terme di Caracalla.
Protagonists of the fashion show are the garments of the Fall Winter 2019 Woman Pre-collection and Man Collection that recount and celebrate the most successful movies by Fellini that transformed the Terme di Caracalla into a ballroom for “La Dolce Vita”.

Satyricon, 8 ½, Casanova, Roma and La Dolce Vita relive in irreverent garments that play with the Roman and Latin culture transforming it into the most exaggerated expression of itself and mixing it with a grunge and decadent taste with a tragicomic mood.Everything becomes huge and extremely colorful, Fellini’s genius is back in Moschino key and the fashion show couldn’t have been more extra. Protagonist is the 2.0 version of the centurion armor that becomes part of the evening wear for women and sportswear for men for Fall Winter 2019; even more irreverent are the dresses inspired by the Italian nobility that lose their traditional cut to be reassembled in creations worthy of a film by Tim Burton but Baz Luhrmann could like them. Bright and sensual, the showgirl dresses are enriched with fringes and embroidery, the suits are lit with precious details: bejeweled and embroidered in metallic gold, they cover the body to redesign the bones in gold.The outerwear brings a military touch to the looks on the catwalk adding an additional trend to the collection that is a mix of eras and styles, as if time were no longer the protagonist.

It’s our time, we can be who we want when we want. There is no before or after, everything mixes and each factor inspires the other. The future is just the perfect alchemy of different pasts. Moschino has, once again, changed the face of fashion.

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