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The Punk revolution in Isabel Benenato’s Fall-Winter 2019-20 collection

by Maria Teresa Verderami
With the new Isabel Benenato’s Fall Winter man and woman 2019-20 collection it looks like being teleported straight into the streets of a 1970s London, surrounded by a rebellious but still romantic Punk army.

By retracing an atmosphere swinging to Joy Division and The Cure’s music, who play as protagonists as much as the imperfect creations, the raw cuts make each piece a genius intuition willingly “uncompleted”.

In a combination made of elegance and grit the designer tells of a forbidden desire, the Baudelairean “evil” expressed through the dark atmospheres and the striking contrast betweenez red and white.The Isabel Benenato’s drafted knitwear textures and jacquard motifs perfectly match the purity of the materials, the bushed tartan, the laser cuts and the precious stones handcrafted by the designer Alberto Gallinari.

In her Fall-Winter collection the designer’s vibrant energy shines through each clothing piece, in which she manages to balance the delicate silk dresses and the rough leather jackets, juxtaposing stimulating combinations and experimental interrupted fabrics.

Isabel Benenato’s creations became, in just ten years, best sellers in the most important multibrand stores all around the world, appealing to powerful and resilient women in each country she reached. 

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