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IED “European Institute of Design” together with CID and Greenpeace Italia: fashion becomes sustainable

by Maria Elena Zannini, Maria Teresa Verderami, Camilla Valentini
photo by Stefano Casati

The time is now! Here is the new project launched by IED, CID and Greenpeace Italia, which will lead to the creation of some sustainable fashion collections together with 16 IED students and selected by a jury. Everything will take place on the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo 95.

IED students have been accompanied in the city of Prato to discover a district of the fashion industry within the city, where made in Italy means sustainability.

The Detox Consortium joins IED after joining, in 2016, the Detox campaign promoted by Greenpeace, to raise awareness among the big brands to work in synergy with its suppliers and make fashion free from toxic substances.

For the Detox project a group of 16 designers was formed who, under the Creative Direction of David Parisi and Alessia Crea, former IED students and co-founders of the Casamadre brand, were guided in a first brainstorming last December and during the days of Pitti will participate in a creative workshop for the development of 5 eco-friendly fashion collections for men. The final goal will be the presentation of the collections at Pitti Immagine Uomo in June.

“We want to contribute actively by making all our production experience available so that we can finally design truly eco-sustainable garments or accessories. We also have the commitment to promote a true circular economy, through the use of recycled materials and the use of regenerated items to be redesigned. It will be fundamental that planning in the future is increasingly oriented towards the reuse of the same or the raw materials used ” says Andrea Cavicchi, President of the Italian Consortium Implementation Detox and President of the Fashion System section of Confindustria Toscana Nord.

IED project, promoted and visible in a few months at Pitti Immagine Uomo, is very interesting, as it is a fundamental aspect to reach the goal of a truly sustainable fashion, as it is to deal with future designers who will work in the world of fashion tomorrow.

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