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New Eleventy Collection Fall Winter 2019/20, a journey, an experience, a wardrobe!

by Camilla Valentini . photo by Giorgio Cavestro
The New Eleventy Collection Fall Winter 2019/20 wants to be a journey, an experience and a wardrobe. The journey is the fundamental element of this collection which precisely for this reason takes the name of Traveleventy. A play on words, which recalls the fundamental theme of the New Collection. The physical journey, in the world, intimate within oneself and amusement and in the wardrobe is an integral part of the Eleventy man.

The collection is designed for a man who is ready for new challenges and to break down any kind of border.

Marco Baldassarri, founder and creative director of Eleventy, explains how today the distances have been reduced to a minimum even between places in very distant places. Precisely for this reason today’s man needs a wardrobe able to maintain the characteristics of quality, originality, and high quality that makes him feel at ease anywhere in the world.The New Collection of Eleventy presents several fundamental and inevitable characteristics.

We find garments with British textures like Wales Chevron Piedpoule, reinterpreted in a young and dynamic, where the shilouette and quality are put in the foreground. Very high quality that of the pullovers made of wool-cashmere, and that of the sweaters made exactly like the old coats of the grandfather. Once again the concept of travel returns, this time over time.

Travel in time and memories. The “used” pullovers are made with a special treatment where the salt slightly fades the color, to communicate a new undertone, which brings us back to the memory of the sea.

Eleventy with the New Collection Traveleventy, manages to perfectly reconcile the journey between past and present, inserting elements such as live stitching, typical of the young culture, in elegant garments, noble and high level.

Trousers are a key element in the men’s wardrobe. This is why Eleventy realizes them according to very studied proportions: more comfortable in the upper part and narrow in the background and to be played down with a 4,5 cm fold.

The colors of the New Collection range from ruby ​​to copper, from slate to the purity of gypsum, also blended with each other up to the coal, the marine blue mixed with orange for a lively twist, but always very elegant .

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