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Fendi men's Fall Winter 2019/20 collection

Karl Lagerfeld converse with Silvia Venturini Fendi, for the new Fendi Man Fall Winter 2019/20 collection

by Camilla Valentini
The most important element of the new Fendi Man Fall Winter 2019/20 collection is dualism. The dualism starts from the choice of having Karl Lagerfeld as “Guest Artist” of the new collection, which once again ratifies the solid creative relationship between Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi.

Another key element of the collection is collage, which manages to bring together two strong and creative personalities.

We find garments with hand-written notes, images, drawings, which make us travel from the Paris studio, to the giant library at the studio of Rome, through silks printed with digital techniques, inlaid rams and suitcases in thin net.From the dialogue between Silvia Venturini Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld, a design is born: a tailored jacket with a shawl collar on one side and the classic lapels on the other.

Everything is double: beige alternates with black, futurism alternates with classicism. The zippers divide into two trompe l’oeil sweaters and nappa plongé garments, transmitting a shared humor.

Once again dualism is the protagonist: the right exchanges with the left and the front with the back.

The Fendi Man collection is a game between materials and volumes: tuxedo in transparent organza, parka duvets, inlaid fur or leather garments, metallic anorak silver or gold.Very faithful the accessories: the legendary Baguette makes its debut in the male version, the folding suitcases are protected by transparent covers that are transformed into shoppers, the inevitable Peekaboo are presented in different models and variations such as the X-Lite Fit and the new Essential for men.

The imprint of Karl Lagerfeld is perceived throughout the collection and in the smallest details. From the rigorous lines of the sartorial shoulder, to the Karl Collage with vintage photographs of his studies, to the Cuban heels that recall his signature.

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