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Campari Entering Red, short movie interpretato da Ana De Armas

Campari Entering Red, the new short movie directed by Matteo Garrone, starring Ana De Armas

by Francesca Fortini LA REVE PR & ADV – photo © Getty Images
Campari, the iconic Italian aperitif, unveils the latest in the Red Diaries series – the enigmatic and enticing short film, Entering Red. Remaining true to Campari’s mantra that every cocktail tells a story, this year’s production inaugurates the celebration of the iconic Negroni cocktail as the world famous drink marks 100 years since its existence.

The story further reiterates that Campari truly is at the heart of the Negroni, making it the irreplaceable ingredient. The short movie, starring highly acclaimed actress Ana De Armas and Italian actor Lorenzo Richelmy, is skilfully directed by critically commended Italian director Matteo Garrone.

As the birthplace of Campari, the city of Milano has an important part to play in the film as the city’s most stunning locations come to life, including the breath-taking Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, home of Davide Campari’s staple Camparino bar, and the Duomo, turning both monuments ‘Campari red’ for the occasion.

Entering Red is a suspenseful and intriguing story, where viewers get to know Ana, played by the eponymous Ana De Armas, whose curious soul explores the charismatic city of Milano with the help of expert bartenders, the Red Hands, who know more than most about the world she is discovering..

In further celebration of the centenary of the Negroni, the Red Hand bartenders have created a unique twist on the classic recipe, each with its own story to tell. The N100 celebrations will resonate around the world, with key events taking place in Florence during Negroni Week, to commemorate the place where the curious soul of a Campari connoisseur gave birth to one of the best creations in the cocktail world 100 years ago.

Entering Red is available globally on Campari’s official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/enjoycampari) and social media channels.Many famous guests attended the red carpet premiere, which took place yesterday in Milan, among them:

the stunning actress Ana De Armas who, for the occasion, wore an elegant red dress by Versace, Jimmy Choo heels, Norman Silverman diamond earrings, Tyler Ellis clutch; Matteo Garrone, Matilde Borromeo, Paola Barale, Francesca Cavallin, Frank Gallucci, Giulia Gaudino.

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