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Viivenne Westwood

How to raise 7 billion people, the new Vivienne Westwood Autumn Winter collection 2019/20

by Giorgia Crescia
A strong theme for a strong woman like Vivienne Westwood; not just a stylist but an activist and revolutionary. The new Autumn Winter collection 2019/20 signed by Westwood is linked to a strong awareness that the brand intends to transmit to its public.

Life is linked to the rhythm of the earth and with it and the universes  we evolve; a set of playing cards that illustrate a plan for the salvation of the planet, starting from climate change.

The brand with this line decides to denounce the lack of culture and the presence of consumerism, the enemy of culture. Joint Intellectuals, activists who try to make the world a better place, are represented by the seed of hearts, which depicts culture. These activists are called IOU, from the word game “I owe You” .

The Vivienne Westwood collection encourages each of us to pursue our deeper interests, to be true to ourselves. The keywords used by the brand are: buy less, choose well, make it last, precisely in opposition to the consumerism they intend to report.Viivenne Westwood The line lashes out sharply against Rots, where the S is written with a dollar sign. Rots, short for rotten financial system or corrupt financial system, is based on consumerism that favors the richest and impoverishes those who are already poor. For the Rots brand it is the main source of death in the world; politicians are identified as the oracles of Rots.

The Fall Winter 2019/20 collection is not only a cry of denunciation but also an invitation to cooperation, an invitation addressed to all the inhabitants of the planet.

Inside this new line we find bright colors like fluorescent yellow, the classic red and blue checked pattern, used in women’s suits, consisting of jacket, gilet pants and tie; jerseys with prints, coats up to the calves, leather shoes, semi-transparent sweaters, short salmon dress in front and long behind that marks the waistline to perfection.

On some items, it is possible to find the various icons to which Vivienne Weswood has assigned meanings, namely: 1, world and hope, so as not to let the primordial idea be lost in the air but materialized in everyday life.Viivenne Westwood Not a simple line but a hymn to life and a cry of struggle to what is destroying our world, a peaceful protest made by a brand that has always encouraged important issues related to activism, thanks to her, one of the last rebels , Vivienne Westwood.

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